While I am not in-network with any insurance company, many patients have out-of-network coverage that will provide reimbursement for treatment with me. I can work with you to understand what your insurance benefits are in order to agree upon an appropriate fee.

If you don’t have out-of-network benefits, I will do my best to offer you a fee that makes treatment accessible by taking into consideration your individual financial situation (income and obligations). I can also provide referrals for low-fee treatment if necessary.

Frequency of treatment is determined by mutual agreement between patient and therapist at the end of the consultation process. I will make a recommendation at the end of the consultation process, but the decision on how often to attend treatment is ultimately the patient’s decision. However, I do not believe that treatment can be effective if it takes place less than once per week, so I do not offer treatment at a frequency of less than one time per week

No, our first meeting will be free of charge.

This is a legitimate question for patients to ask, but it is a difficult one for therapists to answer, as it is difficult to predict and varies depending on the circumstances of each individual case. 

Freud wrote: “Our answer is like the answer given by the Philosopher to the Wayfarer in Aesop’s fable. When the Wayfarer asked how long a journey lay ahead, the Philosopher merely answered ‘Walk!’ and afterwards explained his apparently unhelpful reply on the ground that he must know the length of the Wayfarer’s stride before he could tell how long the journey would take.”

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