Welcome to my website. If you are reading these lines, it is likely that you are seeking a psychotherapist or psychoanalyst to help you address certain problems you are facing in your life. Seeking help for one’s problems through psychotherapy or psychoanalysis is a big and difficult step to take. Even harder is finding a therapist or psychoanalyst that you feel is a good fit for you. The goal of this website is to help you to learn more about me and the services I provide so that you can decide whether to take the next step of contacting me to schedule an initial consultation.

I am a contemporary psychoanalyst whose approach to treatment is rooted in the Freudian tradition and informed by post-Freudian theory and technique. The patients that I work with are struggling to attain their full potential in terms of emotional, creative and professional fulfillment. Sometimes, they may be struggling with guilt, having difficulty with impulse control, suffering in their personal relationships, or feeling persistently brought down by repetitive behaviors they feel unable to change on their own. 

During our work, patients often come to terms with feelings, memories and experiences that were either outside of their conscious mind or that they always experienced but never had the right words to describe and to think about more fully. The work of remembering and of working-through can be a difficult and lengthy process because symptoms themselves are adaptive; they protect against certain feelings or experiences and therefore it can seem inconceivable to let them go. 

However, the rewards of engaging in psychodynamic psychotherapy or psychoanalysis are great. This process provides lifelong relief from neurotic misery and allows patients to gain autonomy first in their inner lives and then in their interactions with the world around them. Through psychodynamic psychotherapy, patients can finally achieve their full potential.

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